ACT LEAN Services

Our expertise includes operating model design and optimisation, organisation design and related skills / capability development, and performance management of businesses and their teams.

Our Engagement Approach

We reverse the traditional consulting model, by providing deep content knowledge combined with more than three decades of experience of change, to rapidly equip client teams to take on change successfully themselves - without dependence on teams of external consultants for long periods of time.

Consultancy Model

What We Do

We provide an expert, advisory, consulting service, backed by more than three decades of first rate consulting delivery leadership, and by the ability to support client teams to take the lead themselves in successfully managing and delivering change.

Consultancy Management

How We Serve Our Clients

We don't do standard "push" or off-the-shelf solutions, that require client teams to change their way of working to fit to the way the consultancy wants to work. Instead, we listen first and bring our deep knowledge of delivering effective change, to shape and deliver changes that add real value to you and your teams.

How can we do this? With more than three decades of practical experience of what works well, and our skills in engaging with client teams at all levels, to successfully deliver all kinds of changes to benefit clients.

Our clients tell us that we're different, that we add value in a refreshing and immediate way, and that their teams greatly enjoy working with us. Take a look at what some of these clients have said about us, and get in touch if you feel you'd like to experience this difference.

Our Clients and Focus Areas

We work with CFO's / COO's / equivalents of UK and European organisations, to help them ensure they are maximising value to their customers, and are organising their business operations in the most effective and efficient way.

We focus on providing the following main services to clients:

  • Business Model Strategy and Design: Coaching and advising clients and their teams on the most appropriate business and organisational model to achieve this focus, and supporting client teams to deliver and maintain this on an ongoing basis,
  • Organisation and Skills Building: Advising on the coaching and development of teams, and supporting the delivery of such development programmes,
  • Business Process Optimisation: Providing expertise and best practice knowledge on Lean business process management,
  • Instilling Continuous Improvement: Quickly creating a sustainable culture of Lean and continuous improvement in client teams.

Our expertise enables us to advise clients on a number of key areas of change, including operating model design and optimisation, organisation design and related skills / capability development, and performance management of businesses and their teams.

We do this within a Lean philosophy - in other words, we help clients to be customer focussed, intolerant of waste and inefficiency, and constantly striving to improve.

Hence the name, "Act Lean", and the mantra of "People Improving Performance".

What Our Clients Say About Us

"Great team building"

"Very good facilitation and development of Lean awareness and tools in the team"

Multinational Support Service and Construction Company (Lean Development)

"Very good, and clearly very knowledgeable, which helped us with current projects"

UK Based Multinational Public Transport Company (Project Management Skills Building)

"An original approach that was very different from your competition, but got us to where we wanted more quickly, and provided more overall value for the upfront cost"

UK Based Global Biopharmaceutical Company (Lean Programme Strategy and Delivery)

"Clearly significant expertise and experience, worked well with my team, happy to recommend"

British Multinational Support Services Company (Business Services Diagnostic)

"Stephen provided a clear lead on the organisation transformation and transition, resulting in a quick and smooth transition to our new structure"

CFO, UK Plc (Business Model Strategy and Design)

"Stephen and his team came into their own by adding real value during the intense implementation phase. In working in partnership with our team, they showed flexibility in understanding our culture and have demonstrated in depth knowledge not only in shared services, but also in process improvement"

Project Director, Finance, Top 5 UK City (Business Model Design and Process Optimisation)

"Provided great personal insight into how we could run projects better"

Project Leader, UK-based transport provider (Organisation and Skills Building)

"Thank you again for the guidance you gave us in our recent sessions together. Having done many management courses over the years this was probably the one I've found most beneficial. You’ll be pleased to hear that I’m already putting it all into practice and seeing it pay off too!"

Service Improvement Manager, UK PLC client (Organisation and Skills Building)

"A positive experience: interesting and rewarding, and a great team environment"

Learning & Development Manager, Spanish client (Organisation and Skills Building)